There is so much information and programs one can peruse through when it comes to maintaining the proper weight for our skeletal frame. Craving is a hunger for a specific nutrient. Hunger is a very powerful driving force that if stimulated long enough will make you eat more and store more energy. Carrying around extra weight greatly increases your risk of developing chronic degenerative diseases.

The underlying cause of most chronic diseases is not obesity——-it is diet, continual emotional stress, & lack of exercise that lead to increased insulin and leptin levels in the body. Most people will lose weight by combining diet (based on you nutritional type) with exercise and addressing the overload of emotional stress levels. Weight loss may not be easy but it is definitely something you can accomplish, if you decide to, by eating correctly, exercising and releasing your stress. Even, if it means getting outside support to hold you accountable.

20 conditions that can be attributed to or exacerbated by being overweight and/or obese:

1. Cardiomegaly

2. Cancer

3. Diabetes

4. Congestive heart failure

5. Pulmonary embolism

6. Gastro-esophageal reflux

7. Chronic renal failure

8. Erectile dysfunction

9. Fatty liver disease

10. Stroke

11. Polycystic ovarian syndrome

12. Urinary incontinence

13. Lymph edema

14. Cellulitis

15. Hernia

16. Depression

17. Gallbladder disease

18. Osteoarthritis

19. Gout

20 Pickwikian syndrome (sleep apnea due to extreme obesity)