High Glycemic Foods & Blood Sugar

When you consume High Glycemic foods, it causes your blood sugar to rise above normal & this causes your insulin to rise. Foods that raise your blood sugar, abnormally, increase your APPETITE & contributes to mood swings, diabetes and heart disease. It also leads to increased stored fat due to an increase in triglyceride production.

A lean body consists of 5 keys:

1. Healthy organic, non-GMO eating and activity (exercise).

2. Real Food Vitamin/mineral supplementation (Immune system & antioxidant support).

3. Fiber (appetite support, improves colon health, digestive support).

4. Thyroid support (helps maintain healthy cortisol, blood glucose, & insulin levels).

5. A nutrient rich meal replacement designed to help promote an optimal intake of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamin & minerals needed for overall wellness.