8 Requirements For Healthy Adrenal Glands

Our ADRENAL GLANDS secrete many hormones necessary for life. Many of the functions to be healthy and balanced are the responsibility of the adrenal glands (energy production, regulating blood pressure, fat storage, fluid & electrolyte balance, strengthening the immune system, etc.). In response to STRESS the adrenal glands secrete hormones like adrenaline & cortisol but it is the first gland to fail if you are battling stressors for prolonged periods of time.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include: Morning fatigue, midday lows, decreased sex drive, cravings for sweets, cravings for high fat & salty foods, unable to fall sleep, mild depression.

A major key to enjoying life requires a healthy functioning adrenal gland.

Here’s how.

1. Laugh…..yes, laugh!

2. Decrease stress (meditate, yoga).

3. Exercise.

4. Distance yourself from negative people.

5. Eliminate processed carbohydrates (junk food) from your diet.

6. Eat a MINIMUM of 6 servings of fruits & vegetables daily.

7. Daily supplementation of real food vitamins & minerals, amino acids, wild yam extract & glyconutrients.

8. Eat regular meals.

This is very SERIOUS…It can take 6-24 months for the adrenal glands to fully recover from hypoadrenia.

About the Author Dr. Budweiser

Dr. Budweiser is dedicated to the belief and philosophy that the mission of the medical industry should be to assist people with attaining health freedom. With more than 20 years experience as a chiropractor and a 30-year history in nutrition and as an international speaker, he travels the world sharing his knowledge on health, wellness and abundance. As a neuro-musculo-skeletal expert, he is an expert in the human frame and wellness and has been wildly successful in using The Weiser Living concept to help others regain their health and wholeness.

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