8 Steps to Weiser Living (Part 3)

How to Move From Chronic Illness to Abundant Health

In the last 2 weeks we started talking about the 8 Steps to Weiser Living. So far we have covered the first 5 Steps…

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Meanwhile, let’s move on to Step 6: Hydration!

6. Hydration

Our bodies are composed predominately of water.

  • Blood is approximately 90% water
  • Muscles approximately 75% water
  • Bones are approximately 22% water

Proper hydration is critical to every system of the human body. Water is used to facilitate:

  1. Chemical action
  2. Cleansing action
  3. Aid digestion
  4. For lubrication of joints
  5. To transport oxygen to our cells
  6. Support proper lung function
  7. Cellular regeneration

Dehydration can have dire consequences and can even be fatal. Chronic dehydration is becoming an increasing relevant concern with today’s lifestyles, with soft drinks and juices being preferred to plain filtered water (pH 6-8).

The latest scientific research concerning the condition of our water table is not encouraging. Even with the BEST water filtration methods available, there are still traces of chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs that cannot be filtered out.

Distilled water should NOT be consumed for hydration. Distillation removes important minerals used by the body. Clean filtered water (pH 6-8) or Spring water is extremely vital to the overall support of the human body. We should consume approximately 50% of our body’s weight in ounces of good clean filtered water – not distilled – each day. For example; 200 lbs of body weight = 100 ounces (or 3 liters) of filtered water per day.

7. Body Fitness

With our modern conveniences and lifestyle, it will be fair to say that today’s overall energy requirement of physical output is greatly reduced. Physical output is ESSENTIAL to the body for optimal wellness and for this reason (exercise) has been created to fill the void. Thousands of years ago, man had no need for this concept because it was a natural part of daily existence. That was much like the fact that they had no need for dietary supplements because the nutrients were naturally provided by the food they ate.

When our bodies perform regular exercise, we receive tremendous benefits in how we look and feel and in out overall health. That includes the following:

  • Increase in lung capacity
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Helping the body to flush out toxins
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving mood
  • Burning more calories and lowering % of body fat.
  • Helping you fall asleep faster
  • Increasing bone density

Routine physical exercise plays a crucial role in the health of every system in the body. Exercise keeps everything working the way it was designed and should be considered mandatory.

  • Develop and maintain a practical weight management strategy that limits excessive calorie intake.
  • Focus on eating healthy balanced meals instead of fad-dieting or consuming harmful diet pills.
  • Use Real Food Technology Solutions to supplement the diet.
  • Focus on loosing inches, not pounds, because muscle weighs more that fat.
  • Incorporate bio-active whey protein peptides into the diet.

Stay tuned for next weeks final point; Harmony!

About the Author Dr. Budweiser

Dr. Budweiser is dedicated to the belief and philosophy that the mission of the medical industry should be to assist people with attaining health freedom. With more than 20 years experience as a chiropractor and a 30-year history in nutrition and as an international speaker, he travels the world sharing his knowledge on health, wellness and abundance. As a neuro-musculo-skeletal expert, he is an expert in the human frame and wellness and has been wildly successful in using The Weiser Living concept to help others regain their health and wholeness.

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