Anti-Aging Avocado Mask

Believe it or not, avocado masks can have a significant impact on the health and look of your skin. With all the amazing healing properties of avocado as well as the other ingredients, this mask will help your skin to look refreshed and rejuvenated.

It will help with the reduction and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, it will hydrate and brighten your skin tone, soothe and soften your skin, help prevent breakouts, improve your complexion and deeply nourish your skin by removing dead skin cells and penetrating deep into the layers of the skin with nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins.





  1. Add all ingredients to a small food processor and process until smooth. Alternative you can use the back of a fork to mix and smash all the ingredients together.
  2. Apply to a clean face avoiding eye area.
  3. Let sit for 20 minutes, preferably lying down.
  4. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
  5. Apply moisturizer or organic virgin coconut oil. (We recommend this cream)


Weiser Tip:

This is a good time to lie down and relax. Take some “me-time”. Put on some relaxing music, maybe light some incense (these are our favorite) and place a couple of cucumber slices over your eyes.

For best results, apply weekly!

For more information on the benefits of avocados check out our blog post: 5 Reasons to Include Avocados into Your Daily Diet

About the Author LadyHawk

Tinna 'LadyHawk' Hawkins is a 9th generation Wise Woman and an avid health nut! For the past one and a half decades she has been helping people with their health as a Wellness Consultant. She is a strong proponent of traditional and ancestral nutrition, cooking from scratch, herbal medicine and essential oils, yoga, meditation, toxin-free personal and home care products, an active lifestyle, supplementation and a positive outlook on life! Together with her husband, Dr. Budweiser, they own and operate Weiser Living.

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