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Olive Oil, Yes or No?

At an olive oil tasting in the Olive Capital of America. All olive oil is not created equal! In fact over 60% of olive oils you buy in stores are not pure olive oil and can be downright bad for your

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Organic Pasture Raised vs Organic “Cage Free” Eggs

Can you see the difference between the organic pasture raised eggs and the organic “cage-free” egg in the picture? Their appearance is not the only thing that is different. There is a huge

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A New Skincare Revolution! Superfood For Your Skin!!

  The Search In our continuing pursuit of Weiser Living, we are always looking for ways to remove toxic chemicals from our lives, whether it be from our food, our cleaning products or our personal

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Which juicer should I buy?

Which juicer should I buy? Last week we discussed juicing and blending. And Monday before last we started on a 5-day juice detox… It was fantastic! An abundant array of colorful juices made from

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