Calcium Rich Foods & 7 Sources of Vitamin D

The parathyroid glands regulates & monitors calcium levels in your blood. It increases or decreases the amount of parathyroid hormone in response to the level of calcium in the blood. Calcium is the most important element for the skeletal system, the nervous system, & the muscular system.
Calcium provides the electrical system for our nerves and muscles, allowing the nerves to conduct electricity and the muscles to contract. The brain demands a normal state of calcium. Calcium protects the heart muscles, helps to maintain a healthy alkaline pH, controls blood pressure and helps to transport nutrients. Low calcium levels can lead to hand & muscle cramps and/or tingling in your fingers. But remember, Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, so you need both.Calcium rich foods include:

  1. Butternut squash
  2. Okra
  3. Raw Leafy green vegetables
  4. Parsnips
  5. Amaranth (leaf)
  6. Raw dairy products from grass fed cows

Sources of Vitamin D include:

  1. Wild caught Salmon
  2. Sardines
  3. Goats milk
  4. Pasture raised organic eggs
  5. Shiitake mushrooms
  6. Grass fed cows milk (raw)
  7. Exposure to sunlight

About the Author Dr. Budweiser

Dr. Budweiser is dedicated to the belief and philosophy that the mission of the medical industry should be to assist people with attaining health freedom. With more than 20 years experience as a chiropractor and a 30-year history in nutrition and as an international speaker, he travels the world sharing his knowledge on health, wellness and abundance. As a neuro-musculo-skeletal expert, he is an expert in the human frame and wellness and has been wildly successful in using The Weiser Living concept to help others regain their health and wholeness.

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