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Benefits of Turmeric & Golden Milk Recipe

With a rich history in Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric root is one of the most revered medicinal herbs in existence. It is a bright orange rhizome, a cousin to ginger, that has been used for thousands

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Simple Homemade Sauerkraut

Fermented foods have a long history in many cultures, with sauerkraut being one of the most well-known instances of traditional fermented moist cabbage side dishes. Directly translated it means

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The Health Benefits of Okra & How To Ferment Them

  Okra, also known by the names of Lady’s Fingers, Bamia and Gumbo, are a nutritional powerhouse of a superfood that has been used throughout history for both medicinal and culinary

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Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

The origin of stuffed cabbage leaves, also known as pigs in a blanket or stuffed cabbage rolls, cannot be pinpointed to any one specific region. It is common to the ethnic cuisines of the Balkans, Central,

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Fermented Beets

Despite the trendy attention fermented foods are getting these days, human beings have been fermenting foods since the beginning of time. In fact, fermented foods have been a huge part of virtually every

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Sweet Potato Casserole (Paleo & Vegan Friendly Versions)

So, I know this recipe could have come at a better time… like last week maybe? BEFORE Thanksgiving? Unfortunately, I didn’t actually plan to make this until the day of… The good news?

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Lamb Stuffed Beefsteak Tomatoes

Beefsteak tomatoes are any of the larger cultivated varieties of tomatoes. They tend to be juicy and are perfect for slicing and eating raw in a tomato salad or for a sandwich. Due to their size they are

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Creamy Mushroom Soup

Winter is almost here and the weather has turned cold. In this household it instantly spurs on a desire for heart warming soups and stews. We could eat them every day during the cold season. Another favorite

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Zucchini Fritters

We simply LOVE zucchini fritters! ♥ They are super yummy and are so versatile. They can be used as an appetizer, a vegetarian main course, side dish and even as a snack! These wonderful and flavorful

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