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Benefits of Turmeric & Golden Milk Recipe

With a rich history in Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric root is one of the most revered medicinal herbs in existence. It is a bright orange rhizome, a cousin to ginger, that has been used for thousands

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Green Monster

INGREDIENTS: 1 chopped frozen banana  1 tbsp organic almond butter (make sure the only ingredients are almond and sea salt)  1 1/2 cups vanilla coconut milk  2 cups organic baby spinach  a handful

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Tango Mango

INGREDIENTS: 1 ripe mango, peeled and seeded  1/4 cup freshly squeezed organic orange juice  1/2 cup coconut milk  1/4 cup organic fullfat grass fed yogurt  1 teaspoon organic raw honey  a dash of

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Berry Delicious

INGREDIENTS: 1 cup fresh coconut water 1 one inch slice of fresh pineapple 1/2 cup of frozen organic blue berries 1 tsp organic raw honey   INSTRUCTIONS: Combine all ingredients in the blender

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Hot Stuff

INGREDIENTS: 1 large organic cucumber 5 stalks organic celery 1/2 lemon a pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt a few drops of Tabasco (depending on how hot you like it!)   INSTRUCTIONS: Juice

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