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Going Against the Grain – The Deadly Dangers of Wheat

This article covers the end of a podcast that I was unable to finish within the episodes allocated 30 minutes. If you want the program in its entirety, I recommend you start by listening to the episode

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What Is Sole, How To Make It, Take It & Its Many Benefits

What is SoleAside from being a flat fish and the bottom of a foot or shoe, Sole (pronounced “sol-ay”) is a solution of water and salt where the water has reached a salt saturation level of 26%.First

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16 Reasons for the Toxic Metal Elimination Diet & Diet Choices

This diet was designed to contain many sulfur containing amino acids as well as food & spices that increase bile flow & liver function. Sulfur is not typically taken as a supplement in its pure

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14 Ways To Start A Fat Release Lifesyle

You don’t need to wait until you start a full blown weight loss program to shed a bit of belly fat or get rid of those few extra pounds that have been nagging you. Begin with these few simple steps

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Stress & Weight Loss

Stress and Weight Loss The stress you feel about food and losing weight can be the very thing that keeps you from losing weight. The stress and the myriad of feelings of being overwhelmed can be what is

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Get Rid Of Belly Fat & Love Handles Permanently

According to the CDC, 34.4% of adults are overweight & another 33.9% are clinically obese. Only 1 in 3 people are at their target weight. Obesity has tripled in the last 50 years. When you look at

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High Glycemic Foods & Blood Sugar

High Glycemic Foods & Blood Sugar When you consume High Glycemic foods, it causes your blood sugar to rise above normal & this causes your insulin to rise. Foods that raise your blood sugar, abnormally,

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Good Bacteria For A Healthy Gut

The human gut contains approximately 500 different species of bacteria. That is over 100 trillion bacteria! Certain species of bacteria, some belonging to the genera Bifidobacterium or Lactobacillus are

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20 Condition Attributed To Being Overweight

There is so much information and programs one can peruse through when it comes to maintaining the proper weight for our skeletal frame. Craving is a hunger for a specific nutrient. Hunger is a very powerful

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