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Anti-Aging Avocado Mask

Believe it or not, avocado masks can have a significant impact on the health and look of your skin. With all the amazing healing properties of avocado as well as the other ingredients, this mask will help

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13 Reasons Why You Should Get a Menstrual Cup & Ditch Tampons & Pads Forever!

Guys! You might not want to read any further… Ladies! Listen up! Are you still using archaic menstrual product solutions? Are you spending a small fortune on pads and tampons every month? Are you

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Chemicals That Disrupt Hormone Production

BPA (Bisphenol -A) is an industrial chemical that mimics estrogen & has been in use since the 1930’s. Your endocrine system is a collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate your body’s

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Toxic Ingredients In Your Home To Be On The Lookout For

Many of us are now very aware of the chemicals that are put in our food products and do everything to avoid them! But did you know that our bathrooms are a minefield of toxins too? In fact, there are

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A New Skincare Revolution! Superfood For Your Skin!!

  The Search In our continuing pursuit of Weiser Living, we are always looking for ways to remove toxic chemicals from our lives, whether it be from our food, our cleaning products or our personal

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Which juicer should I buy?

Which juicer should I buy? Last week we discussed juicing and blending. And Monday before last we started on a 5-day juice detox… It was fantastic! An abundant array of colorful juices made from

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