Do you have a cell phone? 89% of teenagers have a cell phone. 69% of pre-teenagers have a cell phone. 31% of elementary school kids have a cell phone. So, why is there a huge communication barrier between you and your children?

Electronic devices, like cell phones, disrupt sleeping patterns especially, when used just before bedtime. Cell phone radiation causes a disruption in deep sleep cycles. Texting while driving is a safety hazard (of course, you already knew that, yes?). All of this has a negative social, psychological, and academic consequence that can affect you and your children for the rest of your lives.


1. Don’t take the cell phone to bed.
2. When you are sleeping turn it off.
3. Don’t bring the cell phone to the breakfast, lunch or dinner table—enjoy your meal cell phone free.
4. If you are eating a meal with someone, don’t allow the cell phone to join in on the conversation.