Humans have been able to tolerate and greatly benefit from the suns light rays since the beginning. But we are continuing to lose our natural protection to ultraviolet light which increases the risk of skin cancer. Researchers are finding that something is suppressing our immune systems to the point that we are unable to deal with sun exposure.

Dramatic changes have occurred in the last two generations that have had an effect on our immune systems as it relates to our diets. One dramatic change is the wide spread use of highly refined polyunsaturated oils like margarine or sunflower oil. Another change is the increased consumption of carbonated soft drinks. Besides the excess sugars and phosphorus, what could cause the skin to lose its natural protection to ultraviolet light? The answer is their color. Cola drinks and most commercially processed brownish foods get their brown color from an ammonia caramel compound called THI or 2-acetyl-4-tetrahydroxybutylimidazole. “THI” has the ability to suppress the immune system. And the more the immune system is suppressed, increases the risk of developing skin cancer
Here is a list of practical methods on how to prevent skin cancer & increase the strength of your immune system.

1. Get cold-pressed polyunsaturated oils like extra virgin olive oil into your diet. Keep it refrigerated until ready to use.

2. Make certain you are consuming adequate amounts of antioxidants like vitamin E to protect polyunsaturated oils from oxidizing once they are inside your body (oxidation causes free radical damage to your cells).

3. Include limited amounts of saturated fats into your diet. Good sources include butter, fresh coconut, and coconut oil.

4. Drastically reduce or eliminate the consumption of cola drinks.

5. Daily supplementation of plant saccharides including Glyconutrients to support your immune system.