Consultations, Packages & Prices

Comprehensive Wellness Assessment – $395*


Our comprehensive wellness assessment was created to give you a complete overview of your current state of health. This assessment helps us to understand your health needs which allows us to better work together to create a personalized plan to help you achieve your wellness goals.

The Comprehensive Wellness Assessment includes:

  •  Full Health Appraisal to evaluate your current state of health.
  •  Nutritional Profile to determine which foods suit your body type best. 
  •  Lifestyle evaluation to help us determine your daily habits and diet.
  •  1 hour consultation (either face to face or via Skype) with Dr. Budweiser where he will go over your results with you.
  • Complete tailor made Weiser Living Lifestyle Plan to help you take specific and concrete action to move you towards your wellness goals. 

All questionnaires must be completed and returned prior to your consultation.

* Excludes supplements



Telephone Consultation – $110 

A telephone consultation is designed for the person who doesn’t necessarily want a Comprehensive Wellness Assessment but needs wellness advice concerning a certain issue. This can be anything from more clarification regarding a diagnosed medical condition, concerns about a particular symptom, help understanding the results of a medical report, advice on what supplements to take, what kind of questions to ask at an upcoming doctors visit or any other general health questions or concerns.


Nutritional Profile Assessment – $25* 

The biggest fallacy in the nutritional world is that there is a one-diet-fits-all. This is why some dietary approaches work for one person but not the other. Of course there are basic guidelines everyone should follow such as staying away from sodas and fast food and eating your vegetables, but for optimal health it is important to know your Nutritional Profile. Your Nutritional Profile is based on your metabolic typing and will be able to tell you which protein to fat to carbohydrate ratio suits your body best. There are 3 types.

1. Those who thrive on a high fat, moderate protein diet with little carbs and vegetables.
2. Those who thrive on a diet high in carbs and vegetables and low in protein and fats.
3. Those who are balanced in the middle.

Determining your Nutritional Profile is really easy. You simply answer a very carefully crafted questionnaire and return it to us. We will analyse the results and give you your results within a few days. Your results will help you choose the right ratio of foods on your plate based on your Profile. Included with your results you will also receive a comprehensive list of optimal food choices. 

*This does not include a consultation.


Doctor on retainer – $99/ month or $999/annual 

Having a wellness physician on retainer is always practical. This is for someone who wants all the benefits of a consultation but would like to be able to ask questions on a more regular basis. This can be done via phone call, text or email. 


28 Day Detox Program – $597 

Everyday exposure to toxins in our air water and food can lead to a lower quality of life with symptoms such as digestive problems, fatigue, bad breath, irritability, headaches, skin rashes, itchy skin, joint pain, general malaise, weight loss resistance, poor concentration and low energy. It has also been suggested that toxic overload contributes to more serious conditions such as autoimmune diseases, inflammatory/rheumatoid arthritis and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The goal of this program is to gently and slowly cleanse your body of toxins that add an extra burden so serious diseases like these can be avoided. This program will turn your liver into a healthy, cleansing machine. 

This carefully planning detoxification program can offer you increased energy, increased productivity, greater motivation, clearer skin and eyes, greater creativity, weight loss, and a reduction of allergic symptoms. 


Detox Fat Flush Program – $2495/3 months or $3995/6 months 

Detox Fat Flush Program

Although weight loss is one of the benefits of the 28 Day Detox Program it is not specifically designed for prolonged and sustained fat flushing. If weight loss is your main focus then this program is for you.  This program is specifically designed to optimize your body’s fat burning capabilities so that you will shed pounds in a steady and sustained manner. You will never go hungry or feel deprived. Once the program is finished you will have reset your body’s metabolism so that you will not regain the weight lost. 

This program includes:

  • Nutritional Profile
  • Food List 
  • Recipes
  • All Supplements
  • Mental Detoxification audio 
  • Weekly coaching call valued at $500
  • Unlimited questions via email 
  • Dr. Budweiser’s 11 minute daily workout routine


VIP Concierge Package – $7995*/ 1 day or $12995*/ 2 day 

VIP Concierge Package

The VIP Concierge Package is for the person or family that is ready for a profound change in their life. This package is like a home and lifestyle make over. It will take place in your home over 1 or 2 days. Dr. Budweiser and his wife will come and assess your environment, make specific recommendations and help you implement these changes into your daily routines. 

This package includes:

  • a Full Health Appraisal to evaluate your current state of health (for each family member).
  • a Nutritional Profile to determine which foods suit your body type best (for each family member). 
  • a Lifestyle evaluation to help us determine your daily habits and diet (for each family member).
  • a consultation to go over your results.
  • a complete tailor made Weiser Living Lifestyle Plan to help you take specific and concrete action to move you towards your wellness goals. 
  • Kitchen Analysis & Pantry & Fridge Makeover
  • Nutrition education session
  • Fermented vegetable lesson
  • Bone broth lesson
  • bathroom products analysis and make over
  • Household cleaning products review and recommendations
  • How to source ingredients lesson
  • Smart shopping supermarket run
  • Follow up 1 month later
  • Gift basket surprise full of healthy goodies

* Plus expenses for travel, food & accommodation for. Supplements excluded.