Success Stories

When I consulted with Dr. Budweiser, my skin was full of imperfections. I was constantly “breaking out” and nothing was working to relieve my condition. I also had a hormonal imbalance and couldn’t keep my weight down. Dr. Budweiser took the time to do a comprehensive evaluation of my emotional and physical state and placed me on a wellness regimen that improved my health significantly. I am following it to this day. I recommend to my friends to at least be evaluated by him to assess your state of health. He really addresses the systems of the body and not just the symptoms. Thank you Dr Budweiser for taking the time to move me into the wellness paradigm.

Tammy Brown NV

When I came to see Dr Budweiser, I had several issues relating to being overweight, allergies, stomach issues, being tired all the time etc. I have two children and I am constantly on the go….I need my energy not only for me but for my family as well. Dr Budweiser always looked for the cause of my problems. Within a few weeks I began to respond positively to his wellness program. I couldn’t believe how toxic my mind and body was. I feel wonderful now and I continue to follow his maintenace program for wellness. I’ve recommended family members and friends. Dr Budweiser really cares about the health of his patients and that is one of the many reasons I recommend him. My family thanks you Dr Budweiser!

Viviana Inzunza - CA

I am a 6’6″ college student athlete. I met you when I was in the 10th grade. I was injury prone, overweight due to empty carb intake and having difficulty focusing on and off the basketball court. Since meeting and having you as my doctor and mentor, I have changed my diet and have incorporated the nutritional supplements as per The Weiser Way personal profile you set for me! As a result, I’ve been nearly injury free, I am in top shape, I’m not hungry all of the time now because my body is getting what it needs. I am able to focus and am majoring in Kinesiology!  Thank you my adopted uncle, we love you!

Shawn Jones - CA

Hello, I am Ilda from Chicago.  I am 38 years old.  I began my weight loss quest on January 13, 2012.  At that time I weighed in at 238 lbs. I was very uncomfortable in my clothes and tired of being overweight.  Seeing that I was pushing 40.  I finally made up my mind to seriously go forth and endure the fight to win the “battle of the bulge” and by July, 2012 I had already lost 30 lbs. Today, I am proud to say I weigh 208 lbs.  However, my quest is far from over.  I know that without the guidance of Dr. Hawkins, always being readily available to answer any questions regarding the right foods to eat, and how important it is to implement exercise as a daily lifestyle I wouldn’t have reached my goal so quickly.  Even though he is across the nation in Nevada and I am in Illinois, Dr. Hawkins is always just a phone call away and very easy to reach.  I thank you Dr. Hawkins for being in my corner and always encouraging me in this battle.  It’s great to know that I can always count on you for the best nutritional advice out there.

Ilda HernandezIL

I had had asthma since I was 15 years old. I suffered every few months with attacks and occasionally hospitalized. My wife Natalie was having back issues and we asked a Doctor, who attended our church, if he could look at her. Dr. Budweiser came over to our house and shared with us about a new supplement he was working with and suggested we give it a try. That was in March of 2001. Six monthes later I became aware of how my asthma attacks became fewer and fewer. It has been 11 years we have been on this program and my body has been asthma free. We are so thankful to God for our health and for Dr. Budweiser for sharing God’s manna of health.

Alan Corrao - OH

I have know Dr. Budweiser for the past 20 years. I met him as a patient and came because of bulging discs in my lumbar spine. It was due to work injury. I had gone to all sorts of doctors for pain relief with no avail. God must love me, because he sent me to Dr. Budweiser via referral. The first few times that I visited with Dr. Budweiser, he said to me, “Let’s make a deal: I’ll get you well and walking without pain, if you don’t let anybody do surgery on you’re back”. I made that deal with him and he kept his promise. I am pain free, and has never had surgery on my back. The more I visited with Dr. Budweiser, the better I became. He gave me my livlihood back. I was able to go back to work, back to school, and back to my usual physical activities, with no more back pain. Dr. Budweiser is the love of my life because he gave it back to me. Thank you!

Andrea Riser-Zanders  RN-BSN, PHN, - CA


For 27 years, I struggled with debilitating illnesses. At the age of 25, I was told by a local gynecologist that I had Endometriosis and needed a complete hysterectomy. I was put on HRT therapy and I was on this medication for over 20 years.
While still in my 20’s, I also began battling with a life threatening eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa. This was an off and on roller coaster for 15 years. I was hospitalized 3 times because of this disorder. During the third hospitalization, vital organs failed and doctors inserted a feeding tube directly into my abdomen to keep me alive. My weight was down to 88 pounds. This whole battle affected my family deeply. There is nothing more helpless than watching someone you love starve themselves to death. I had severe intestinal complications. I could not have bowel movements for up to 2 weeks at a time, so I had to deal with severe constipation and yeast infections. Bladder infections were very common also. Between the yeast and bladder infections, I was always on one type of antibiotic or another.

This became a long road of pain, which meant seeing many doctors. The pain increased so much that it began taking over my entire body. I was later diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease. When spasms would hit, I was not able to sit, stand or walk. This caused me to be confined to my living room floor for up to 3 months at a time. At this point I was being treated for Depression, which meant being put on antidepressants. I began having issues with my esophagus and would go days without eating or drinking any liquids. I had many trips to the emergency room because of dehydration. The doctors would give me a GI cocktail, hook me up to IV’s and then send me home.

My life became nothing but hospitals, doctor’s visits, and trips to surgical centers to have cortisone injections in an attempt to try to block the pain. I was also put on steroid treatments. Through this painful process I was put on many more medications. I continued down my painful, depressing road until one afternoon I began having chest pains. They became so severe that my husband rushed me to the emergency room. The doctors ran many tests and took many X-rays only to discover that I had Fibromyalgia. After that diagnosis I became even more depressed. I realized that I had run out of choices.

After consulting with Dr Budweiser, a friend from church, I started a comprehensive nutritional program. After 3 months, I began to have some tangible results with my level of pain and after 8 months, I was off all medications. I have been supplementing my diet for over 8 years now, and my body seems to have corrected all of my health issues. Dr Budweiser taught me about nutrition and I changed my bad eating habits. I now weigh 105 pounds and feel great! I feel as if I have been given a second chance on life. I thank God daily for bringing Dr Budweiser into my life and introducing me to this life changing nutrition program.

Loretta Fernandes NV


I wanted a child, however I kept having miscarriages within the first 10 weeks. I had three that I know of in 3 years. I believe there were more and happened too early to tell. My OB/Gyn told me that my body saw the baby as an invader and my immune system was too high. He didn’t know what to do to solve the problem. He gave me no hope at all of ever having a child. After having the third miscarriage, I was sitting in Dr. Budweiser’s Chiropractic Office for treatment. I was really stressed out and my back was in knots. Finally, I got some hope. Dr. Budweiser told me he would do some research and get back to me on the next visit. On my next visit, Dr. Budweiser introduced me to some Real Food Supplements. I had some hope! ! ! I started on my supplement regimen and took it faithfully. Changed my eating habits and started shopping at Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I even did a little exercising. It took about two years to get my body back in balance. I felt great for the first time in years. My hair, my skin and my energy were fantabulous! ! ! It happened, I got pregnant! ! ! I would not admit it until I passed the 10 week mark. On the 11th week I went back to my OB/Gyn. He was surprised and couldn’t believe it took me so long to come to his office. I had a very happy and healthy pregnancy. I continued my supplement regimen throughout my pregnancy. My doctor told me that my pregnancy in the years was the most uneventful. I had absolutely no issues. No morning sickness, no bloating, no sleeping issues, no pains. I’m happy to say I now have a healthy 11 year old boy. He has taken these Real Food Supplements literally all of his life. I was able to nurse for 18 months. I would put plant polysaccharides in each bottle I pumped. I made my own formula with the Meal Replacement Shake and my milk. I thank God for Dr. Budweiser introducing me to these Real Food Supplements! ! ! Thank you!

Andrea Brooks GA

I was having some health issues that I didn’t even know I had. I had a consultation with Dr. Budweiser and he discovered my issue, told me what supplements to take. He also warned me that my body would be going to battle, and it really was! I started to feel better within 2 weeks. Dr. Budweiser helped me get to better health and cleared up my issues. If it wasn’t for his genuine concern, things could have turned out very differently for me! Dr. Budweiser is one of the most dedicated people I know. He is dedicated to good health and well-being. I look forward to getting healthier with him in the future!

Tracie Thomas CA

I’ve suffered from back pain, heart valve issues, knee replacement where I couldn’t walk properly, insomnia which left me feeling depressed especially after my Mom passed away. Dr Budweiser came into my life and really listened to my many concerns and developed a workable plan of action that has improved my health significantly. He has helped me and my two daughters along with my grandchildren understand and implement wellness strategies that actually work. Thank you so much Dr Budweiser! 

Rita Brown - NV


One of the first times I really understood the extent of what Dr. Budweiser’s expertise and what a phenomenal doctor he is, was when I was just a teenager. I was sitting in one of his seminars when he began telling this intriguing story about a young girl who had contracted venereal warts from a daycare professional. The person had simply changed her diaper and had a wart on their hand. He detailed the treatment, how he researched, found this gel and applied it for so many days. Ultimately, the virus was eradicated within 9 days and the girl never had any issues with it after that. By the end, the story sounded strangely familiar, like it matched vague memories of my own. That is when it clicked, that unnamed girl was Dr. Budweiser’s daughter. My dad was on stage telling a story about me!

A tale from my history that I barely recollect, but one that could have definitely changed how my life turned out. I could have had cervical cancer by now, something I can not imagine having just turned 24.  Without a doubt in my mind, Dr. Budweiser saved my life.  His unique capacity for knowledge and servant heart makes him absolutely one-of-a-kind. He was able to recognize my condition immediately and implement a plan that prevented future pain. Today, I am free to pursue my passions of loving people, writing, and music. I have a healthy body and a sound mind. I credit so much of that to my Dad.

Victoria Hawkins NV


I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in February 2013. It has been a very hard and trying time for me both mentally and physically. Being diagnosed with a serious disease turns your world upside down and inside out. I was completely baffled, my whole life I had never really gotten sick, never broke a bone, never even had a cavity. How could I have a disease? Everything in my life was about to change.

At the time I was diagnosed I was 31 5’6″ and weighed 311 pounds. So of course the first thing my doctors recommended was for me to lose weight. But losing weight requires working out. Except I can’t work out. Most days I can barely get out of bed. Cooking a meal or just walking to the bathroom feels a hike through mountains, there’s no way I can work out and lose weight. I had already felt my first hit of defeat. My world was beginning to crumble. If I couldn’t lose weight and try to get healthy I ran the risk of this disease completely taking over.

In my disbelief, I talked to many people and I was reminded of Dr. Budweiser Hawkins. I had met Dr. Hawkins many years prior from church, but didn’t think he could help me. I had heard he had helped a friend with her MS so of course I had to get in touch with him right away.

Dr Hawkins gladly said he would come see me. After some talking and paperwork the first thing he did was change my diet. My whole life I thought I was a pretty healthy person. The media and the internet had lied to me! Low fat was not good. Diet meals and soda with less calories weren’t helping me. I was not healthy at all! There were so many hidden chemicals and byproducts I had no idea about. I felt disgusted and ashamed. How could I do this to myself? How could I trust what I didn’t know? Was ignorance bliss? He advised me to change my diet to all organic including meat and try to cut out all preservatives, not an easy task.

I decided Dr Hawkins was probably right, I knew him from church so why would he lie to me? And besides, If I didn’t feel better I could always switch back to the other food. A few months went by and I was starting to feel better. I felt like my mobility was coming back and I had also been losing weight. Turned out everything Dr Hawkins had told me was correct. But I wasn’t doing as well as I had hoped. After my next round of MRIs we found out I was not in fact getting better but I was getting worse. I had to be put on stronger medication and if this one didn’t work out well we could try one more medication but if the third medication didn’t work next was chemotherapy which meant I could get cancer. I was distraught. What was I going to do? I was already in danger of being in a wheel chair and not being able to walk anymore and losing my ability to do remember things or talk and write. But get cancer too?!

I told Dr Hawkins the situation and he said he wanted me to start a supplement regimen of plant polysaccharides and plant based vitamins and minerals. I figured what he had suggested prior to me had helped thus far so why not. And then I saw the price. My attitude was the same as before, I’ll try this out and if it doesn’t work I’ll stop ordering the supplements.

It is now about a year and a half later and I’m still not responding to my medication as my other doctors would like. They call me the walking and talking miracle. According to my MRIs I am stable but not getting better and yet I am still walking and not in a wheelchair. I have had no problems with my memory or talking and writing and they can’t figure out why. But I can tell them all why! Because I have a doctor named Budweiser Hawkins that believes in healing people with the knowledge of the bible and a whole lot of nutrition. I walk, I talk, and I’ve lost over 80 pounds without working out! Has it been easy? Definitely not! I still have my bad days but I also have my good ones. I have a goal to get completely better and lose more weight. I know there may still be some hard times ahead but thanks to the caring knowledge of Dr Hawkins, my faith, and many many prayers I know I will be just fine because God has a plan for my life and I will not be defeated by this disease!

Abigail Ruiz NV


Have you ever felt like you were getting along just fine, but knew in your heart you could feel and do better? That was my experience when the universe so beautifully guided me to Dr. Budweiser.

My name is Tiffani, I’m 25 years old and a glowing example of the results that come from Weiser Living.  I was a competitive gymnast from the age of 7, and later in my adult life, I started doing Crossfit. I’ve always been active and healthy for the most part.

I searched Dr. Budweiser out because I had some minor issues that I started to realize were really holding me back from reaching my goals. Whether those goals were eating well, focus or my athletic performance, I knew I could feel better. Since I was young, I’ve always had issues with my hormones.  Inconsistent cycles, moodiness, cramps so intense I would faint, and such lethargy I would need a nap throughout the day. With my age and the amount of working out I do, I should have no lack of energy! My athletic performance would also suffer during those times of the month. As soon as I would recover, I would soon approach another cycle and it would all be repeated. I also experienced intense sugar cravings that would cause me to binge.

When I started meeting with Dr. Budweiser he explained to me that I needed some “fine-tuning,” and that if I added Optimal Support Packs into my regimen I would notice a dramatic difference. He also went through my cupboards and educated me of the negative effects my body would experience from eating certain things like processed sugar and fake sugar. Although I was eating very well when I started seeing Dr. Budweiser,( I had come a long way from the fried chicken,  white potatoes, and Doritos corn chips I grew up on) he informed me that even 2g of something over a period of years will eventually effect the way my body operates. I may get away with it at my age, but it will certainly catch up with me in my older years.

I was eager to get more out of life and to feel better. Not just on occasion, but all of the time. Also, to trudge a new road to break the generational cycle of bad health my family experiences. So, I took his advice.

That was nearly a year ago and since then I have truly transformed.  I’ve broken every goal I’ve set for myself, gone well beyond them actually. I’ve experienced that I had no idea what it felt like to really feel healthy.  I’ve competed in my first Crossfit competition and since then won 1st place in a team competition. More importantly, I have ENDLESS amounts of energy! Not the scattered, overwhelming kind of energy I used to experience, but the focused and productive kind. I no longer have issues with my hormones. Although balancing my hormones will be a life long journey, the highs and lows are so subtle I’m rarely, greatly affected by them. I’m consistent every month and  I’ve become so clear and in-tune with my body that I’m able to listen to what foods to eat and what feels good for me. I’m stronger, faster and more persistent in every area of my life. The extra boost from the Optimal Support Packets, coupled with cleaner eating has truly taken me above and beyond what I ever could reach before with working out and eating well.  I don’t believe I receive the same nutrients in my food as my grandparents did, and the Optimal Support Packets bridge the gap. I also have the mental clarity that gives me the focus to succeed.

I’d like to thank Dr. Budweiser for showing me the way and introducing me to an improved way of living and well-being. 

Tiffani Curry NV