The Story of My Name

Ok! So I know what you are thinking! Is that REALLY his name? YES! This REALLY is my name, and no, I was not named after a beer!

Pepperdine BBall PicWhen people hear my name or see it in writing, their faces usually take on a surprised look or one of amusement. Sometimes even a look of disbelief – and sometimes, even, I simply have to show them some ID to put it to rest! As if I would lie about something like that!!!! My entire life people have asked me about how I got my name.  In my younger days, it had been an asset. As an All American  basketball & baseball player it not only got me media attention but also financial backing from Anheuser Busch. (Yes, that is me in the picture on the left!)

However, after I became a doctor, especially a wellness physician, my name became more of a question of whether I was a competent doctor or not. I mean, what serious doctor is named Dr Budweiser, right?

Well my full name is Dr Budweiser Hawkins II. Here is the story of how it came to be.

My grandfather, David Hawkins was an employee at Anheuser Busch’s St. Louis brewery in the late 1890’s to early 1900’s. A co-worker and friend of his was also named David Hawkins. Because of general mail delivery, they would frequently get their mail mixed. These two gentlemen would periodically joke about making sure their children would never have the same issue when it came to common names.

Dave would say to Dave, “If one of us has kids one day let’s make sure their names are so unique that they never get their mail mixed up”. Well, some years later my grandmother had a son and my grandfather named him Falstaff (one of the most popular brands of brew at that time). Approximately two years later my grandmother had a second son (my father) and my grandfather christened him Budweiser.

My Uncle Falstaff never fathered any children but my dad did. When my mother birthed me into this world, first born, my Father named me Budweiser (Jr.).  Fourteen months later my brother came into the world and was named Falstaff after my uncle.  This became somewhat of a family tradition resulting in all my siblings being given spirit names.  After Falstaff came Virginia Dare (a Californian wine at the time), then came Ron Rico (a popular rum), then Jose Cuervo (tequila) and finally Courvoisier (an exclusive French cognac).

Today, my brother, Falstaff and I, also, have sons that carry our names—my son, Budweiser III (picture below) and my brother’s son, Falstaff (Jr). When people ask, who named you after a beer? My reply is, “My Dad and my uncle were named after the beer….We were named after them!” 🙂

TreyMany years after my short lived basketball career, where my name had served me well, I was a successful chiropractor in a bustling clinic in LA. I was extremely happy with my career and how it was going. One day, one of my patients, who knew how to study the origin of names, came to me and told me that my name actually meant “Messenger” and that this meant I had a message to bring to the world. At the time, although I found it interesting, I had absolutely NO intention of leaving the very comfortable and lucrative four walls of my practice… and certainly not to become a public speaker and educator on wellness…. Little did I know!!!!