Why You Need Probiotic Bifidobacteria Bifidum

Bifidobacteria bifidum or bifidus is a dominant strain of beneficial bacteria that resides in the large intestine. It is one of the most common pro-life giving bacteria that can be found in the body. If the balance between the good and pathological or bad bacteria develops a condition called dysbiosis can develop. Dysbiosis, thus occurs when the natural flora of the gut is thrown out of balance. Antibiotic use is a frequent cause of dysbiosis. (Did you know antibiotic means “against life”?) When you take antibiotics, the majority of the bifidobacteria are killed as well as the bad bacteria. When this condition happens or when any antibiotic is taken, products that have beneficial bacteria called probiotics should be taken.

Bifidobacteria produces chains of fatty acids that create a slightly acidic environment in the large intestine that is unfavorable to the “bad” bacteria, yeast and molds. The fatty acids produced by the bifdobacteria is the primary source of energy for the colon cells which form the inner surface if the colon. There is no toxicity affiliated with probiotics and they do not interfere with the function of other medications.

The recommended daily allowance for bifidobacterium bifidus has not been established but healthy people may consume 1-2 billion per day. The bacteria is measured in terms of colony forming units or cfu. Colony forming units are the number of live bacteria per dose. Fermented foods such as properly prepared dairy products and fermented vegetables are a great way to get beneficial bacteria into your intestinal tract. Fermented vegetables are very easy to make. See below for a few simple recipes:

However, great amounts of bifidobacteria are not found adequately in foods so it may be prudent to purchase a probiotic product from a company that guarantees potency.


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